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2013 is on the way :)

Okay I would like to take this chance to thank you my lovely readers for making me happier blogger eva ! your endless love and support have changed me in so many ways !!

Reading your comments whether here or on twitter made me feel  so connected to you , and I even felt like i knew u since forever !!

May this year brings you nothing but happiness and joy !

I would ♥ to hear your new year resolution as I'm going to post mine  on my next update " I promise " =p

Hello December *Happier & Brighter*

Hello December *Happier & Brighter*

despite of my uncle lost that  my family been through , Allah  has gave us so much to be grateful for ..
and as they say being grateful is the ultimate way into endless happiness , anyways lets get into the post  , I know i was supposed to list my Nov favorite  but  i guess i will post them maybe later with other products which  have been using 
* work is so much fun am actually enjoying it though i came on the wrong timing lol ,but we learn after all don't we =p 
* Finally had the chance to meet my friends SoSat*IT i know it may sound normal thing but seeing them again was a blast had a great time " Love you Girls "
*Okay so my family decided to do a small trip to enjoy this wonderful weather am sure most of you who are in the UAE or gulf region are enjoying it too :) .. we stayed almost a whole day out there , check the pictures below

the process of making my precious karak "tea"

and thats the final look for our karak =p