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Beauty Picks Mistakes and Random Reviews

Hello there my  beautiful readers am back with quick random reviews for some products , to start off the post am going to start with some product which  were a disaster to me am sure some of you would disagree but you know after all its a personal opinion and am not forcing anyone to take what I say 

This perfume by Rihana which I got it from Sephora - the smell is aaaah to my type at all the guy at the store told me if you are looking for fresh scent go for it and i wish i did not 

This Mascara from Spehora as well , it was supposed to give a thickness look to my eyelashes instead it gives totally "messy" look and to wash it off is different sad story !

Okay most of you are using this LipBalm - and I know giving it 0\10 credit is a shock but honestly  ladies I have not notice any good while using this LipBalm the applicator is easy to use but thats not the only thing we are looking for don't we? the reason why I did not like it is that it caused more dryness to my lips …

Share. Learn. Inspire Featured Guest Jeff Mueller

So here I'm Back my lovely readers with new post of the seriesI started last year "Share. Learn. Inspire" this time featured guest is Actually a close friend of Mine " Jeff Mueller" we actually knew each other through Twitter , and let me tell you this am actually blessed to know inspiring , creative , full of life man :)

So this is Interview is unique one since it has been recorded on the video how cool and exciting is that ^^

Enjoy Watching and  Don't forget to leave you comments

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