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Share. Learn. Inspire featured guest Gale Minchew

as I have promised you My readers , Am back with another inspiring interview with My wonderful friend Gale Minchew , let me tell you this I have not met her in person yet " wishing that one day i will " but she is the type of person who makes you feel that you knew her since forever! ..

to me Gale always writes a beautiful words that takes you away to different imaginary perfect world .. Am so delightful to have her as featured guest on my Blog :) Okay wont make this too long enjoy the interview please post your comments and questions 

How would you describe yourself in three words? Gosh, three words to describe me…I guess I would have to say loving, motivational, and determined. Tell us the story behind becoming a writer. I didn’t originally set out to become an author.  Granted, I wrote several partial manuscripts earlier in my life, none of which I have an interest in completing now, but something changed in December 2008.  My husband gave me a Blackberry phone before we went …

I’m a Live

beauty Talk ... products reviews :)

So my beautiful readers am back :) and this time ,  I was Inspired by my beautiful freind 
after asking her about certain beauty products and all , so this post is mainly my own reviews on em , So enjoy ladies :D

(1)  Kaya Toner : one hte BEST Toner I have ever used ! to me its one my Must have product , it cleans your skin leaving is fresh and not dry unline other toner I have used , you can get it from Kaya Skin Clinic  CLICK HERE 

(2) Dermalogica Spray Toner , well I love trying different product and when i came a cross this toner hmmm did not like it much if you have different review about it , its totally fine :) I got it from Radiance
My all time fav beauty Centre

(3) Okay thats tricky one dont know the english name for that product , i got it from drugstore , what it does it smoothen your skin and exfoliate gently your skin as well

(4) Bocia  face Wash , this product is amazing it does a wonder to your skin m leaving clean from day one that you do try it one yo…

its Time for a change :D

BEST month eva will start tomorrow am so so so excited !!!  Last year I've promised myself  that w.e has happened is happened and what shall come will be new adventure !

This year am planning to do the same :) start to let go of my bad habits and start new ones ... and am 100% sure that live will award me with amazing surprises.

* I first felt grown-up : when i first had to help my younger bro and sis with their HW

* if I could make anything Grow on trees it would be : Clouds can they come with cold breeze

* My last growing pain was : when  I had to deal with my baby sis low grades on my own ><"

* I use My green Thumb to : My creative idea :D

-- the questions were inspired by O Magazine June Issue :)