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Share . Learn . Inspire Featured Guest Green Sheikh

This will be my very last post for 2016 and I want it to to be very special for that YESSSS GREEN SHEIKH IS OUR FEATURED  GUEST * How amazing is that * and am truly honored to have the privileged to share his inspiring lessons on my blog

I started reading about Green sheikh years back when my friend Amal Told me about his extraordinary   Experience  " Experiencing how to be buried for 20 Min's Like dead people "

 and here is the shocking Part I did not knew he was from The  royal family since couple of months! I Know I am so outdated . but don't blame me the way how he response to people in public or in social media won't give anyone a clue that his  title as a sheikh , and he is very humble person .

There are so many inspiring people out there who has this sort of vision but to have a clear philosophy is kind of rare , and thats by itself defines your success and how you measure everything you do and how it gets you closer to your goal

Green Sheik Philosophy 

to …

Don’t panic - Special Post for students

I know most of you have started exams already and I know how hard this phase of your lifetime is, since I have been through such phase I would like to share few tips which I learned them in hard way orlets say I wish if someone shared them with me before
Before everything lets agree on one fact (healthy mind in healthy body) which we can conclude from it is we need to take care of our mind, soul and body
Tip number one
Have a plan Yes without a plan you wont be able to focus or give your energy on one task and accomplish it
Tip number two
Have an idol in your mind someone you always look up at and see how successful they are ! and put in your mind if they did then you can do it , having an idol will defntly give you a realy motivation to work even harder
Tip number three
Eat healthy goodies : please forget about the fast food and stuff you are actually ruing your mind and your full stomach will shut your mindoff
Tip number four
Sleep well : sleeping will always help both your mind …

Let the new chapter reveal itself

Up to more positivity Happiness Accomplishment Love

Now am in my cozy room where I usually get my inspiration from , thinking about how time passes by and now am on the way to start new chapter of my life , what would be better than sharing some of lessons learned thought the last year , when you share you actually learn

Don’t try to be perfect in everything ,do what you actually love to do .
Mistakes open new doors for you , cry , learn and move on
Surround your self with those who respects you, love you, and lift your spirit up
Keep your circle small, no one has the right to define you by how many people you know
At work you will meet haters and guess what it’s a good sign
Make sure that you’ll be countable for everything you do or say “even jokes “
Loyalty toward your country is a reflection of your pureness soul
Family will always be source of empowerment
Forgive and forget don’t take everything personally
If you don’t feel like being with some people its alright to step …