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New Beginning!

And I have forgotten myself

“ Do what you love , and love what you do “
I keep repeating this line over and over to the people I know, and I still remember how I used to encourage my students to have sometime to do things that they like whether drawing or any other activity that they Truly Enjoy doing,but I recently realized that am the one who actually need to hear that line maybe from myself or from you my readers .
I truly admit that I have neglected my space “ My blog “ and I did not update so often which is not a new thing to say .. but what I realized also that I actually stopped doing what I like “ Writing “ .
To me writing is a source of bringing up ideas the minute I start writing Man!! you have no idea how many stories and topics that I want to write about
I truly don’t know what took me away from sparing a time to do what I truly love and what make me feel my true self
I think now my readers I need you to encourage me to keep this page alive and so does that passion in my heart for writing .