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What a Year !!

Few Hours Left and 2014 is going to End

Man what a Year it has been lots of lessons learned - lots of changes and of course lots of AHA Moments

Now as for the lessons Learned am going to write an individual posts about them  but lets get to the fun part of 2014

its the Year That  I have completed my masters Moved to new department Met awesome people at work Took a great workshops Ësp with Dr Ahmad Emara " I just LOVE this  guy Visited Spain for the first time Got Almost  everything I wanted "My 2014 wish List  and its the year I have turned 29 hehehe !! 

So  how has your year Been ? share your quick Flash back with me

Wishing you All a Happy New Year

Love you
Anoofah ❤

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My review on ( Kora Organics )

Hello My beautiful Readers 
so it has been more than two months since I have been using Kora Skin care products and I guess I can finally Give my Honest review on what I have got , So lets get started :) 

I have ordered the below products from the official site 
I have received my order after almost   two weeks from the date I have ordered and it came with Cool packaging so you feel you have received special gift for yourself "How Cool is That " - I have posted few pictures though on my Instagram once I got my Goodies - You know me Cant Miss a moment with capturing pictures "I guess My Bro Cant Agree More ":P 

First product I want to talk about is this Clay Purryfying Mask - it is used to clean up your pores and make sure that you have clear and clean skin - to me I sort of liked it after my third use - All you need is thin layer of the mask and you will be just fine - if you used it once in a week I guess one bottle is enough for 3 months :)

Ahhh the Cleanse…

What I am Grateful For

It was My birthday … it has been a remarkable year to me lots of changes were going on .. lots of challenges and am so grateful that I have been through them all .. it has reshaped me in so many ways .. and in order to move on with your heart and mind wide open for the future ..

I believe it is so important to reflect and think about things you have been grateful about 

I am truly grateful for having such incredible brothers and sisters 
Truly grateful for having caring mother
Grateful for having lovely funny friends 
Grateful for the time I felt am left alone but Allah proved that miracles do exist 
Grateful for the times I felt I knew something new about myself 
Grateful to be a person who is always eager to learn 
Grateful for knowing remarkable people who have changed how I see life 
Grateful to have an amazing job which I love and am so excited to go to 
Grateful to have readers , followers who Appreciate what I write and always encourage me to go forward 

May this year be more …