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Are You Ready for the "Change"

change is part of everybody's life .. moving into a different phase might be a bit awkward or uncomfortable to some of us especially if its unexpected ! or it might be something we have been waiting for ! What is known for sure that "change" is something we all do need in our lives , any change will defiantly add something to our lives , no matter what change is that your facing , it is there for a greater good  .. and who knows it might lead you to be a better person or it might help you to get to know "your real self "
to everyone who is going through change ..Good Luck !

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its All About Perfumes

Hey there My beautiful readers am back again with quick and fun review about "perfumes " Lately I have struggled with my choices for perfume and every time I go for one it turns to be "Not reflecting my personality "at all - Anyways the latest picks were awesome so thought of sharing my reviews with you

So lets Get started :)

This new edition from Gucci which I got from Paris Gallery was with good deal since they do have this little show area at Dubai festival City  @DFCDubai  me and brother thought of passing by and see whats new so I tried this edition and truly loved it - very light scent which you can defiantly use it day\night time - and along with perfume i have got little perfume case which you can put your sweet Gucci in and protect it from getting cracked in your handbag 

Another Beautiful Choice was Boss Orange Edition - it doesn't has orange scent so relax but the scent is perfect for the Spring\Summer season 

now I know some of you who knew me , am…

I Believe …

I believe there is so much Goodness in life no matter how your world looks like I believe that True love always come from Allah , Family andgood friends I believe that no matter what choices we make in our lives were meant to be the one so we can get our lessons and move on I believe those who make promises and never keep them are coward I believe if your “good” person then Allah will surround you with Good people so don’t worry when someone walks out of your life I believe that every dream is achievable when you have faith in it I believe that we all have unique purpose to achieve in life I believe in power of thoughts I believe that true friends are “ Angels “ I believe that the harder the lesson life can give you the stronger and wiser you become I believe that there is no such thing called coincidence everything in life has a message for you I believe in power of prayers I believe that challenges are good for us I believe when you decide to become happy person you shal…