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Food Skin Masks review

Hello there my beautiful readers , I know its been a while which is something usual I know ,my life has been lately on the go and then I got truly Sick ahh that can be in a post by itself .
This post is going to be about my humble review on two masks I tried from skin food( white rice and black sugar ) .
I heard so much about this brand obviously good feedback from so many vloggers , so when I passed their store am like yeah why not ! I grabbed almost everything from the store “you know when girls get so excited doing some shopping hehehe “
The rice mask
This specific mask people made a big deal of it saying it’s the best mask, best seller best that , let me tell you this : it is good but not in level ofsurprising you . the texture of the mask is easy to apply and spread on your skin , the smell is light and lovely rice smell what do you expect hehehe ! it does moist your skin but for some reason I did not notice any improvement beside the moisturizing part . I love the fact it is…