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Random page from My Diary

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12:00 AM , in my room
i know i haven't been my self lately , am not that positive energetic person that iused to be month ago , what has happened , why am i looking at the empty part of the glass not the full part

year back , things wasn't the same as it is now , everything seemed to be fallen apart , nothing seem to be the way i want it to , wasn't doing well at my work , my relationship with my colleguegs andhmm wast good either not mentioning my freinds

and now it seems that i have almost everything i ever wanted yet am not positive to carry on throughoutthe day whatever has made me to write this , is the need of a change , i need it now , and what actually made me realize that am not looking at the valuable small stuff is when i saw News this evening and how people in Syria and many places around the glob suffering , literally i have no right to complain about whatsoever is bothering me !!!I am someone who is amazingly in…

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