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Inspiring Women

" We are there to empower each other not to compete :)  " Anoofah

I know  that am writing about women who I have not met yet though i really wish that i will one day :)  these awesome women have inspired yet empowered me so want know who are they ? keep reading

Oprah Winfrey 

Who is not inspired by this great Woman ?! what I really like in fact adore about Oprah that she always believe that to move forward you have to give something back , and if you noticed Oprah doesn't always like to have the spot light on her only its always about lessons learned from her guests , the Oprah show was like a free class to me I've learned so much , and I came to know things about human nature , explanations for things we used to do yet we can't explain why is it happening .
and one amazing lesson I've learned from Oprah " everything" is possible

Hala Kazim 

down to earth , beautiful heart , amazing smile , seeing her tweets inspires me , give me hope , and always gi…

Call it sense

Throughout the life you will learn , not to expect much from others … and not to trust every one !
If you keep on repeating the same scene in your life it means you haven’t got your lesson yet ! until you get kick in the ass ..
You will feel better if you stop trying\and hoping
Don’t run after people to satisfy em while they do absolutely nothing for you
If they walked away! FINE life shall go on ! you will continue to see sun shine
Disappointment means you have to change direction and you will be rewarded
Friends will always be there to lift you up!

Don’t feel guilty for the money\Time you have spent on them , God will reward you with better stuff
You will have less complicated life
Pray that theywon’t come back to your life
Write a forgiveness letter and forget em
Bad memories are just away to teach you a lesson

Best thing to wear Throughout the day is smile

Talk to you Soon


What is Life ..Really ?

" no matter how small my window is I guess Life is worth Living "

have you ever asked yourself " what is life ?" philosophers like me perhaps do that all the time , Okay just kidding lets say we are thinkers !

But seriously what is Life

between life and death , hunger , tears and joy .. friendship, betrayal , love , hate , passionate , inspiration , darkness , laugh , disappointment , memories , forgiveness , anger , goodbyes , and hellos , we are standing there to show maybe the best part of us or the worse ... but then what? !

during the time we are given , Do we actually live to find who we truly are .. or Creating ourselves ?

Talk to you Soon Readers


My Week in pictures

I know i have not post a lot next Time I promise you guys More pictures 
Enjoy =)

Talk to you Soon  Anoofah