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Been a while

So how are you doing my loyal readers, I know It has been such long time since my last update and I guess you guys have the right to know what’s going on and why on earth did I stopped writing
So lets begin simply by saying “ I have discipline issues “ seriously no joke about it I know there have been plenty of time where I can just sit and write cause so much was on my mind but I was hmmwell busy doing other stuff
My schedule last couple of months was like Offto work Then French class Quran class And other family commitment 5:15 AM till 10:30 PM
Ok am not listing my excuses although it seems like it is , but yeah basically that was my life , now that am done with my French class I guess I have more time to do some changes around here and have a one tough schedule to publish my posts and keep you updated with my life
Ok one exciting news ! I have been selected to be a member of happiness team committee I guess that’s pretty exciting news doesn’t it ?

Oh one last thing to mention …