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Making Me More Beautiful ❤

Hello there my Beautiful Readers
Back with new beauty post – quick review on some Beauty products I started using Last June and and some the ones I got from Spain
Here Is one thing I noticed about my Skin it get used to any beauty product so quickly – the first three weeksis the time I usually see and notice the difference

Share . Learn . Inspire Featured Guest Khaled Al Ameri

“When you are able to see the good in all the little things in your life you don't wait for big things to happen to be happy”
Am sure your eyes captured every single word written in this quote with “Aha” moment .. that’s How I met Khaled Al Ameri the Awesome ”twitterer” I shall Call on twitter . His tweets reflects a very inspiring lessons about life that we all should know .
A very brief introduction about Khaled he is an Emiraty writer and motivational speaker who started recently giving public speeches on lessons and experience he has been through which I find very powerful and courageous thing to do
Can’t really tell you how excited I’m to have him as featured guest on my blog and honestly enjoyed reading his SUPER AWESOME answers , BTW if you have noticed he is the very First Emiraty guest on my Blog , am so proud of him ^^ , and truly thankful that he gave me some of his precious time knowing that he has a very crazy schedule .
So hope you guys enjoy this post as much as I did…