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What happened ?

Last week i got a call from one of my friends whom I haven't spoke to since maybe forever ! its been a while i admit and i know lots of things have been going on with her life , same thing goes to me .. and its really nice of her calling me just to catch up with all of these dramatic changes that we both had and did not had the chance to talk about ....

So one of things that we talked about was who are we still keeping in touch with , referring to college friends , and after mentioning  certain names she was quit upset of those who did not call her and after hearing that she got married , they're back just to know who's the guy , when and how they got married you know the silly kind of questions , Am like WTH :\ ?   why things have changed , now they would  call just for checking whether you worked \got married\traveled  ... not to check how's actually YOU !! i don't know if you guys got what I mean ...

After we hang up I kept thinking what happened to us ? why ar…


"Everything Important That I have Learned , I learned it from you "

Happy Birthday Love

My Morning Routine :) - beauty talk

hello there my beautiful readers ! 

So today is going to be special post to my sweet freind Latifa al Kaabi whom i promised that i will write my review several  products I've mentioned earlier , anyways lets get to work 

I usually wakeup Early so that i can enough time to get ready for work and to play around you know me :p 

Once I open my eyes I smile " good exercise for your face and beside it gives you positive feelings

and then  I  drink mixture of pure water with Rose water , it give fresh feeling :) lovely gotta try it out ladies

and now move to the face routine 

So first thing is to clean up my skin with my amazing clearasonic Mia2 ladies this tool is a must have , the cleanser which am using in the morning it really gives glowey kind of finish and thats what we are looking for especially in the morning if you wana  read more about this cleanser CLICK HERE

if you have oily skin like myself , then this lotion will help you to control your oiliness throughout the day , I h…

Seriously! when its going to end

If you think that you are about to read, one of my happy kinnda of posts, am sorry to disappoint you but this post aint for you!

I have been struggling with this since I started my job which lets say for almost A year now!

I even tweeted saying I have no problem getting into jail for killing him, he is not meant to be for this position but who's there to tell

What I hate about him, is that he never shows up on time "which am over it now"!!

Never do what I ask him for! "Which am going to raise it to upper management team "  screw them since they are useless anyway!!

What irritates me the most is that he never ever! Appreciate my work and always plays the game of "why are you doing this?! WTF you did big fat a*s!!!!

And when he is not around doing his own personal work outside office! I'm the one who take decisions " cuz he asks me to... "urgent cases only" and of course I follow the rules and regulations! He comes o…

My Week In Pictures

Enjoy and Talk to you Soon :) Anoofah