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Together we make a Family

Okay  so Last week we went to a whole day camping , i know some of you might think what so special about it , well to me it is a great chance to spend a whole day with my family , it felt so great ...

what about you onliners when was your last time you have spend a whole day with your family ? what did you do ? :D

“What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.” 
― Mother Teresa

Much  Love

Don't Kill My creativity + "I've been Tagged :D "

am Sure you came across certain ppl who always keep putting you down without even know how disappointed or how bad you feel !

Well its time to let it out !! there is this person who is really kind yet so stupid ! though i don't believe in stupidity but this person has NO clue when it comes to management ! or even dealing with people !  everytime I go to him with new idea he will go like " Hmmm Ok" am like is that it ???

and then i realized that he is just Like to run away from all any extra responsibilities  " well he doesn't actually do his basic responsibility " , oh in matter of fact i have to run after him just to get the papers signed !!   so in order not to bother him self he wont show any interest in any of my ideas !

So ladies and gentlemen I'm talking about my Direct Boss LOL ! the rest of the team are really Cool am enjoying working with them !

I know deep inside my heart that things will change to better cause i believe so and again its just…

Dear Life “ Thank You “