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My Review on (Balm Balm ) products

Lets Breath First …. I finally had the chance to put my thoughts together to get this post done , seriously I have so much to write about and share with you guys !! those who are following me on Twitter\ Instagram knows how crazy  my schedule became with work lately , since my boss was like you better have time to do things you love am like DAMN !! My BLOG <3 heheh okay lets get started

Okay in this post I will be writing my review on organic Brand ( Balm Balm ) I have got my goodies from Since they have International shipment Service !

the Prices are reasonable you may refer to the link to know how much the products usually costs

These are the Goodies which I have Got :D

Face Mist with Rose Scent 
this Spray   Hydrate your face especially after cleansing it keeps it moist and fresh - I love the Scent which truly makes you feel Fresh - you can use it as prep for your makeup , I have never actually used it as makeup setter so I don't know if it does set your make…