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My Bedtime Routine

So my beautiful readers this post will be my last post for 2013 :) and i really hope that you guys will enjoy it 

This Post will be  about my daily bedtime routine - of course i do change my skin care products from time to another 
So when bed time comes first thing I do is I choose which sleeper should I go for while roaming in my room - its Cold yeah :\ ?

and then I really have to arrange this  mess 

and then I choose any candle to light it up and enjoy the lovely scent while getting things ready 

then Beauty products time - I usually wash my hands with this amazing hand wash and hand lotion form bath and body works the scent gives you a total relaxation to extent that you feel you will fall asleep right away 

Shower Time is FUN TIME, recently I use this amazing shower cream  which I got from Boots 

of course after long day all you need is a little treat ;) another amazing product from bath and body works 

Tonights Pj is one of my favorites - got this Pj from my beautiful friend Tam…

My Trip to Malaysia|| My Experience with “Fendi “

PS : this post is not sponsored nor for Commercial reasons
Those who knows me well knows how much I ADORE bracelet , to me they just make you feel more famine , elegant aaah its just amazing .. when FEDNI released their latest collecting “at that time” I looked into their bracelet and am like this is so going to be on my wish list !!

So when I visited the Branch in Dubai Mall I was so disappointed that I couldn’t find it , but I guess lucky people usually get what they want :p
So when I went to Malaysia“pavilion mall kuala lumpur” Fendi store was there and to be honest with you guys I felt something was calling me to get in .
And when I did , the cozy place and friendly staff made me feel like am home ,OMG that was so awesome they kept asking me where I’m from and all , while am roaming around there Guess what !!! I HAVE FOUND IT yaaaay !!!!


I know this sound like a weird way to start my post but let me share this story with you all , Last Wednesday I got to know that one of my colleagues is resigning – after 13 years working at this college – she decided to take this step which I would call “courageous step”.The reason why she decided to take such step is because she wanted as she said to start “ living her OWN life “ Man you have no idea how this simple line changed my whole perspective about work\life thing .
I went back home and her story is stuck in my head !million of questions were on head
working and working ,and then what ? work – home – evening classes .. what for? what am I passionate about

I truly believe that we all here for a reason , we all are gifted some way , and along life journey I guess we will figure out what are we good at and once we do , aren’t we supposed to dedicate ourselves to do what we actually good at \ what we truly love and passion about
same day when I took my after noon nap I had t…

Sweater weather TAG

So ladies  I was Tagged by beautiful Blogger Lamya  the Tag titled "Sweater Weather " So lets get started :)

1- Favorite Candle 

Okay am not really candle person - but this particular candle which i got from store in Dubai Festival city - i totally forgot the store name ><"  but i do remember its location - the idea of this candle collecting is that you will find your first letter engraved in the candle box and the glass itself how cool ? so since my name is Nouf I guess you can tell why N is there yeah :") 

2- Cat EyeLiner \ Dark Lip color 
Dark lip color baby My favorites are from YSL and Sephorah 

3- Favourite Perfume
Poison By Dior 

4- Favorite Nail polish 
jungle red and purple both from Sephora

5- Hot chocolate \ Tea


6- Favorite piece you wear in winter 
this cute blouse from Victoria Secret honestly ladies can you resist it ?:p 
and the below cute sleepers which i got them on my birthday from my sweet friend Tammy 

7- Stye I want to try 

Fru F…

my trip to malaysia - Lets Shop and Eat :)

So My readers whats up!! Miss you all thank you so Much for your lovely Bday wishes you guys are awesome

so this post is a continue of the series posts which are about my trip to Malaysia I won't write much - most pictures are all Food and shopping related :p Lovely yeah ?

Have fun

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