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Reflection of My childhood thoughts

A message to Her ....

When you will read this post you'll probably know that this message is actually for you

If you haven't got what you ever wanted , it's not because of me :) check your intention , stop being jealous and sick , I do feel sorry for you though  cause you  have been an ambitious girl who ran after maybe fake dream !! ( A )graduate with an honor but now looking at you and how  your life is like make me feel wana cry for you :P ok just kidding

Sweetie you might have to review your English reading skills before going a head and say stuff  that according to you !!! You saw on my blog :)

Remember sweetie !! "karma"  When you start talking in sh!t about people !! Others will talk in sh!t about you and your lovely family :)  and I guess you totally understand what I mean " dirty " secrets won't be secrets and that everybody will get to know about them !! Again be careful

I know it kills you from inside seeing me doing things I want and you can't , I guess …

I have met my friends

Incredibly amazingly blessed