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Unforgettable me

Brighter Future Insha'Allah

Tomorrow will be the First day of ramadan, the Most amazing joyful month of the year !! I shall Pray for you all that it will be the beginning for all Good things in your life 
and may it be the  begging to  us all to be more closer to "Allah "

10 Life Lessons For my Younger Sisters

Its weekend time and as usual me and my younger sister have to do something crazy anddifferent all together , So we decided that we'll do different hairstyle's and whoever got the best one wins the title of the BESThairstyle , anyway the competition started and once we are done , both my sisters agreed that mine was special and I deserve the 1st place !! They both kept saying how did you do it teach us teach us - I was so excited to do so but once the party was over , I thought hairstyle isn't really that valuable lesson which I should teach my younger sisters ,so I brought pencil and paper and thought of writing True life lessons for both of them , and I know how hard it may gets if you would just list 10 ONLY …
* Be a good Believer Allah is always close to those who truly believes that Allah is with them always and forever
* you are Stronger than you may think, even when you are vulnerable
* Read - Read and always Read
* love = family , family =Love - remember that
* Be a…


I've learned how to value almost everything , knowing that chances of losing them is unexpected I started enjoying writing right after I've started reading novels.
I think of my self as a simple person who can be easily dealt with, but sometimes I turned to be a very complicated when I feel vulnerable.
I don't think that one day I'll be a very serious person who hardly smiles to people that's just not me
Turning to 30's can be scary sometimes but now that I know age has Nothing to do with my life am looking forward to be in my thirties
A lot can be learned when your weak
Am glad to have a lots of amazing People around me
I know how to let go of things Which might cause me a headache ! And I consider that as a gift
I love cooking although I don't cook a lot .
I really love home I even wish if I can carry it in a box wherever I go
Sometimes when I have lots of plans and I really don't know where to start from; all I do is fall asleep

Coming Of Age

Another interesting Q&A which again I got it from O Magazine , I love answering such questions cause as my friend hamda once said “ you get to know yourself “ , hope you guys will enjoy reading my answers and will be waiting for your answers on my Comment Box 

#My best advice to my younger self : Relax and just be yourself
#The best part of getting older is : Being wise ; the older you get the more experienced you've become .
#I'm most looking forward to : Being inspiration to others
#I'd most like to learn how to : Skydiving
#My earliest happy memory is : During Ramdan before Eftar Time I was around 6 ; dad took me to the park and I've played next to that huge fountain, it wasan amazing feeling when I close my eyes and felt drops of water on my face.

as I mentioned in my Prev post will share with a capture from my BBM ^^

PM: OFF To Thai

Me , Myself and I in xxx words or less

Hello there onliners :D !!!! I know it took me longer than expected to write my very first entry here , and as you may know it is always difficult to write about yourself yeah? So I was inspired by one of the articles in O magazine * My all time Favorite Magazine * Which I found it a very lovely way to write a little about my self Enjoy

Who is she ? Anoofa is my cyber name which I got it from my little niece Shamasi ,Am a normal Emirati Girl with endless ideas, Stories and thoughts
Her breakthrough Being open and courage to share her thoughts on cyperworld
Her Aha Moment Every time when I hear about someone who passed way I keep wondering what did I do with my life?
Her Biggest Hurdle Being surrounded by haters who always tend to show their good side of themselves, To find out who they are! And to get ride of them is a Real Challenge *don’t trust anyone easily*
Lessons she has learned My life is valuable and am not going to waste it or ruin it with haters or negative thoughts
Breakthrough A…