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Let's Slow things Down

When your body tells you to slow things down Please
“LISTEN to it “
Here is what happened
lately I have been trying to be a SUPER HERO proving myself thatI can do everything and anything all together , forgetting to give myself break , at work I was not only doing what I was supposed to do but trying to be SUPER MAMA to every single person there , listening to their problems letting everyone absorbing whatever energy left within me and guess what’s next

I felt overwhelmed anything can break me down in fact I might did Everything seemed not to be a new challenge but horrific events

25th Feb 2014 thatday I realized that am no longer Me the hyperactive girl with Big Smile “with braces of course “ am no longer that person who is in “LOVE” with what she does
I laid down next to the window gazing at the stars just like the movies Wont lie to you I have spend the whole night crying wondering what has happened to me ! But then I realized that am overloading myself with nothing ! I just s…

Thank you For letting Me be part of your lives

Month ago, me and my students went to our college farm where we decided to enjoy the weather along with other college staff, Ok! I would call it a “Family trip”
So the place was so quite and nice and the funny part I was wearing heels so you know how hard to walk with them while stepping on sand “WOW” my students kept laughing at me took some pictures too , they even told me whenever they came to take their classes in the farm they make sure to wear flats. And it seems they totally forgot to notify me “ as they know am high heel girl “ .
Everything was so perfect no boundaries, we all felt like ourselves, and what made me really happy that my students kept sharing their lives story with me without worrying that I might judge them and all , smile was on my face all the time , I truly felt like am back to the old days when I was in college and we used to go for such trips and all and all I recall was laughter and funny stories .
I believe that such conversations are soul refreshing
Am s…

Sharing some of my "best life "

* Best Surprise : getting an A in strategic managment course lol 
* Best Saturday afternoon read : I would go for O magazines for sure :p 
* Best forggotn custom : oh dear the funky dress we used to wear during Eid 
*Besr way to break a sweat : belly dancing of course 
*Best style icon : Kate medelton! She knows how perfectly she can dress up 

Inspired by O magazine  Talk to you soon 

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Chit Chat ;)

Hello there My lovely Readers
How are you all Doing ? First of All I really would like to thank all of you for your interaction regarding my previous post which was about Motivating yourself ,it was pealsue reading your comments and thoughts on twitter “keep them coming “ - well am back with new light update , So on todays post I will just brefily talk about how was my week and little Q&A inspired by OMagazine and my expirence with Dobazar
So lets get Started
So last week been so hectic , we had to submit reports ,work on project ,read a book and study for finals , starting from Sunday me and my Princesses  “that’s what I would Call them “ met on daily basies to study and work for the project , Imagie that we had once to go back home at 11:00 PM how early is that :\
Oh and I forgot to tell you that we had to work on Fridays as well , check out the pictures below :p

And yeah Once Upon a time I went to uni with My Pj 
Moving to Q&A – I love this Section of O Magazines call…

Keep Going "How to Motivate yourself "?

My apology for not updating this place for almost two weeks , recently am so hocked up with my crazy schedule , basically on the top list is my studies , Anyways hope you all are doing great and having fun wherever you are , Sine we are going through examination phase well most of whoI know are , I thought writing about motivation is the best thing to talk about agree?

I really hope that this post will help you So lets get started ...

To motivate yourself is to keep on doing your best to achieve whatever your aiming for , well am not an expert in such field but sharing what worked for me might help you as well :) after all life is about sharing yeah?

1- Set a clear GOAL   here is one thing we miss most of the time , we do things because we do them !! we don't even have a clue why we're doing such and such !, to me setting a goal is the basic of the road toward success , now regardless of what you want to achieve , A goal should be clear and realistic .

2- Write it down  to reac…