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My trip to Malaysia - Safari Time :)

Hey hey My awesome readers - I know this post should have been here last weekend but I have been through depression lately had to stay away and it took me a while to back on track again - I promise that i will share this incident with you since you guys become part of my life and you have the right to know some parts of my life lol ok lets get started 
so breaking down my Malaysia trip into different posts and today is about the Safari world - well thats what it is called though it looks like - dead farm :s 
honestly speaking guys i did not like it much and the price of the tickets  is actually too much - comparing to what we saw there ! so we heard that they have this safari World - me and my family thought why not - so we did go there - weather was not helping much - it was kind of hot though cloudy  - first we had to wait for a bus to take us around the safari - Man if you looked at the bus you will go like "no .. no am not going on this " but because everyone did .. i d…

Hello Holidays

Hello there my super awesome readers
Miss Ya'll So Much , Am sorry I had to make my blog a bit unreachable so I can make few changes but yet did not make it will do in a week or so

So So  How's everything going ? hope you guys kept your smile on :D ...
Lets Get started :D .. so last week we were luck to have a whole week Off and for that reason my family decided to spend it differently this year and we went to MALAYSIA  it was my very first time to go there
let me tell you one thing you guys.. I have an AMAZING time seriously it was way beyond  than my expectations

So for now Am just going to post a random pictures and on my next Post will share with you every experience I have been through there :)
and please Dont forget to share with me how you guys spend your vacation will be more than happy to read them 
Enjoy the pictures 

PS Baby Nouf is Smiling now :)

Happy Eid to ya'll Love you and will talk to you Soon :*