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I Lost a Friend ….

I know this post might be awkward to you - and you guys have not expected me writing about such topic but I had to let is out

it all started with a tweet which am not going to say who was the owner nor what was in it but all I can say it was about Islam  which is something you would commonly see these days right after the attacks which has happened last Wed .

Like any other HUMAN  being I wrote my opinion and then tons of accusations  and questions from one of  my followers  who is apparently none muslim  .. to me this is kind of questions are expected and understandable cause what happened was such horrible thing !! and thats one fact we all agree !!

when I started answering some of his questions it was not based on what I saw on news cause am not type of person who watches news on daily bases I was answering them based on common sense ! based on what I truly know about my Religion - did that made me a person who is neglecting that facts ?  Although I mentioned that I did not watche…

In the Name of those whom we Lost

I finally Had the courage to Call My Friend Ryqaya Whom lost her father last Friday ,  it was such sad and devastating   news and among all it was shock !! no one expected it

But do we expect when we lose people anyway !

Death always steal those whom we love - without a notice they fade away ! with memories hunting us  -  killing us  as we won't live Special  moment anymore with them but with ourselves!!

peaces of you got shattered and lost between sobs of crying - and prayers to see them again

people come and go trying  to tell us things to make us feel better - but then you remember you're the  one who is left all alone with this tremendous pain !

How could someone move on in the darkest day of their lives without those who we always lean on

May these days bring us more courage for us to move on with our lives without whom we lost

PS : he passed away peacefully at his own place and between his beloved ones May Allah Rest his soul in Peace

Love you
Anoofah ❤

Don't Forget…