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My Week in Pictures + Products reviews

Hello there My lovely readers how are you all Doing :D  As I promised every Sat New post will be published here ! So this post is mix of pictures between how was my week and review of some products So enjoy :D

the UAEU American Corner invited the Pulitzer prize winning author Marlyn - had a short conversation with her she is amazing ! honestly !

Family Gathering At Bro's place :)

Speaking of healthy food thats where bro took me to have my dinner instead of Mac chicken :\ ?

and in a weather like ours hanging out is the best option and its best way to enjoy it :D

Product Reviews 
this is my all time favorite Loose-poweder by Basam fatouh it leaves your skin totally fresh and not over done 

Another lovely Laura Mercier product - this primer may not be WOW for oily skin type but for super dry skin this will work like miracle for you ladies :)

is been awhile  since am using Mavala Eyelashes serum , and seriously I have noticed my eyelashes became longer and stronger but not thicker 

My a…

Thank you ♡

To everyone who participated in the Survey or even planning but did not have enough time to do so ! thank you

This blog would not be great without your love and support :)

I truly loved your comments about the blog and things that I should take into consideration to make it even better , to tell you the truth I have never thought that I have readers from all over the Glob :) its an honor

So after reading your comments , I decided to make little change in here as you can see , and weekly posts will be published every Saturday :)

My posts will not be focused only on "Beauty and Fashion " side it will include Different  Areas :) I promise

Thank you once Again and Talk to you Soon


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Into reality

I decided to put those scrumbled words in my head and share them with you …

you know when you live your whole life , happy and satisfied just because you have this thing or maybe  someone who makes you Feel totally complete and brings  joy into your life  …. and in that moment all  you wish if this phase of your life lasts forever

But what happens when this whole thing vanishes … here comes the confusion part - now you have to shift your life into different reality living your life without that thing ….

I know how awful this might seem , and no one in this world would feel what you are going through , a gap started to grow within you and all you want  at this particular phase is to forget whatever happened before just to move on with your life, and for now Bed is your new home..

whats next?

Here comes the reality , thats a part of everybody's life , nothing lasts forever , and when every incident shows , a new story will be drawn in your life , new phase , and a new you!

Now you …

Am I Good ?

We all do have limitations , but sometimes what usually happen , We don't see them thinking we are perfect , and what can help us here is an honest feedback to be better us ! 

So I need you all My readers to help me to be better me ! 

I Have designed this short survey for you - which has quick easy questions about my blog - your feedback and suggestions will be taken into consideration for sure 

Survey Link

Appreciate your love and endless support <3 
Talk to you Soon 

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Don’t forget  to check my other  Blog