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I need You ..

This post is dedicated to my Friend Aisha

First Line : You Are my Source of Energy
It hard to think of any word when you think about someone who you always look up to , someone you truly love !
In between : With craziness of our life routine I admit that I may not be as good friend as am supposed to be in terms of calling my friends or check on them. For sometime I felt that My friend Aisha disappeared for a while and once I tried whatsApping her I was totally shocked to know the news …
Aisha is a lady who is literally has it all, whenever you are down or frustrated Aisha is the first person you will think about , no matter how hard things can be she can manage to keep it together . She never forgets to stay in touch with her friendsno matter how busy her life can be . knowing that she is a mom a wife to diplomatic so you guys can imagine how busy and crazy her life can be . I knew Aisha back in college I always loved her sweet babiesh smile full of positivity, we actually got more c…