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We Are Good People ...Really !

First of all congratulation to My beloved country UAE and city of #Dubai for wining World Expo 2020 bid 

The news it self made UAE not only celebrates  its achievements  but it also remind us all of the vision that his late sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan had years back " NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE " 

We as Emiraty people hold this vision tightly ! we know what does it mean to work hard and to reach our goals 

We know what does  the word "united " means 

We Do appreciate every single contribution that people give  from all over the globe regardless of their nationality , religion is .. To us we are the same 

When others need help , we are the first one to reach out for them 

When people tell us "Impossible" we work hard to make it "possible " 

and most important thing 

When we celebrate any achievement we celebrate it with the rest of the world 

We are Good poeple :) 


What a week it has been !

Without you ♡

As I promised earlier ..that I would talk about the depression phase  I have been through ...

I know the reason might not be  actually well .. hmm .. might look silly to you ! but because  I did not  get grades that i Hoped to get in term A

Maybe I was expecting Too Much- Though I really worked hard  , and when I did not get it i felt like am fallen apart .. lost , disappointed .. you know when you know that you will get something and you don't ..Ahhh Awful feelings

what really helped me to get through me is being surrounded by angels  ❤ ❤ ❤

Truly speaking through those days I knew that we as human being cant live alone no matter how full our lives might look, we are there to empower each other , hold each others hand to go to the right direction 

Sometimes we just feel like we know it all and we have it all , but then we go those incidents and thats when we realize we need each others 

My family .. Thank you for giving me so much love ..

My friends... Thank you for being there for …