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Guerlain eye cream Review

Hello my beautiful readers , today we are going to talk about my review on Guerlain orchidee imperiale eye cream that I have used recently so lets get to it
I was looking in Parise Gallery store for the perfect eye cream which suites my need and they are 1-moisturizing 2-skin tightening 3-reducing dark circles 4-easy to use it before makeup
So they lady helped me a lot which is why am always loving ParisGallery Store, anyways she gave me Guerlain as the most suitable and affordable comparing to the other eye creams The cream is a bit costly I admit but to me it was kind of fine comparing to the options that the lady showed me “ Too bad I don’t remember her name “
The texture of cream is a bit thick but it doesn’t leave your skin too greasy which is one of things I loved about , so the cream gave a really soften feelings to my under eye area , I did not notice that the cream tighten up my skin as it was one of the requirements am looking for but it brighten up my under eye area “ju…