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In the name of those whom we lost

" your Life won't be Forgotten "

They were here with us yesterday ...

And today we are here to remember their sacrifices , their courage for our beloved country and For all of us

Words are not and will not be enough to show what we feel for them

What they have taught  us is  beyond description

Hey Whats up ^^

How’s my amazing readers doing? Hope u guys are having fun .. I know  I have been extremely lazy to update my blog!! Am being honest *Angel Face *
So lets get to it, am going to share few products I have been using and will share few stories and updates about Me !! sounds Cool ?

Updates about me
I have been selected to attend CPM (Certified Professional Manager ) program which was about month long so I had to run between work  and attending the class , I felt I miss this part of my life being a student and an employee at the same time  8-) so all of the sudden I signed up for IELTS examination hehehe !! and and Guess what! I have received a very bad score 6 only :’( I truly felt bad until my colleague was like “ well  you went there without practicing !! what did you expect anyway ! it’s like going to a race without your shoes “ – I know what a great way to be lifted by your  friend heheh !  , Oh wait a minute did I just jumped to another topic ><” I do that when I feel too exc…