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Inspiring Women

" We are there to empower each other not to compete :)  " Anoofah

I know  that am writing about women who I have not met yet though i really wish that i will one day :)  these awesome women have inspired yet empowered me so want know who are they ? keep reading

Oprah Winfrey 

Who is not inspired by this great Woman ?! what I really like in fact adore about Oprah that she always believe that to move forward you have to give something back , and if you noticed Oprah doesn't always like to have the spot light on her only its always about lessons learned from her guests , the Oprah show was like a free class to me I've learned so much , and I came to know things about human nature , explanations for things we used to do yet we can't explain why is it happening .
and one amazing lesson I've learned from Oprah " everything" is possible

Hala Kazim 

down to earth , beautiful heart , amazing smile , seeing her tweets inspires me , give me hope , and always give me the push to change to better person , I met her once at TEDEXUAEU and because I was so damn shocked that I finally met her I even forgot what do I want to tell her , speaking of truth is her thing , teaching others how to move forward is always on her top list I just love her , to find out more about her project visit her website   CLICK HERE 

BTW am considering interviewing her as my blog featured guest what do you say ?

Michelle Phan 

How many of you been watching Michelle's beauty Videos ? let me tell you the truth I wasn't actually a big fan of Michelle until I read the news that she is launching her makeup line am like Okay Anoofah go and figure out what make her so special to have her own makeup line , call it jealousy or maybe curiosity.. but I consider it a good thing heheh ! seriously when I went over her blog and her videos you know what is so special about her ? her smile and endless positive  energy ! and learning from every and each experience , to her chances lies almost everywhere all you need is an open heart <3 , I recommend  watching her video " draw my Life " CLICK HERE  and you will understand what i mean

Jessica Harlow 

Last summer I was so obsessed with Miss Jessica's beauty Vid's , the way she puts makeup , mixing up all of these charming colors was so fascinating thing to watch , all of her beauty tips works for me so perfectly , i love the fact that is she is so comfortable showing her face even without makeup to her viewers , and guess what we both adore Oprah Winfrey " got something in common with ya Miss Jessica "

Muna Harib 

who said that life gives you colorful cheerful goals , one brave Emaratie lady proved us that with courage and great commitment that human being should always reach out for each others , leaving behind all of the fancy stuff that life offered to help others and to seek for telling Syrian Victims stories

you can find out more about Muna's Project CLICK HERE

Mom and sisters 

are my angels , who guide me , protect me and teach me , lots of lessons you can get from each and every action they take in life , raising kids , struggling to give the best for their families , forgetting taking care of themselves ... they always give and give God Bless them

My beautiful Readers 

always there to make me feel my best , reading your comments , emails draw that smile on my face , thank you so much :)

so my lovely readers who inspires you ? share with me by leaving me comment on comment box below

remember to keep your smile :)

talk to you Soon


Anonymous said…
Awesome Anoofah
Anonymous said…
:) keep writing

Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing awesome post about inspiring women's out there and I look forward seeing you very soon :) Keep up the good work and writing and sharing your positive vibes.

Best Regards,
Shante Al Balushi
Anonymous said…
Woman is strength.. I always inspired with woman and her mind or action... The first, my mother and sisters, and then Mother Theresa... :)Last but not least..Nouf inspiring me :) Thanks dear.. :) @jo_defretes
Womens are the secrets of our success and inspirations ... I'm inspired by all the above role models, but mainly and deeply by Mama Hala Kazaim ... Nothing can describe how inspiring she's and how modest... how amazingly she finds time for every single person ... I'm super lucky to have her in my life

Anonymous said…
You Are an inspiration Anoofah <3
Anoofa said…
Thank you all for your lovely comment , reading this post mean that you guys are an inspiring ppl too <3 bless your heart

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