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Death the unseen, yet unwanted fact ….

Every time we hear about Death , we sort of slow down things and think .. if everything we do in life is really worth it ? after a while we just tend to shake it off and move on with our lives … forgetting or lets say tend to forget that it might come back again to take away someone else !

Isn’t every situation we face in our life is there to teach us a lesson? why do we have to face death then?

Today – I have lost my cousin – after a long battle yet unexpected one with cancer …
Death has taken her way to a place where people we know cant be seen , heard anymore !

When the rain will fall ,With heart that is full of faith and hope … I will pray , that we shall meet again !

May Allah Rest your soul in peace



al matroushi said…
الله يرحمها ويغفر لها يارب
الله يصبرج ويصبر اهلها يارب وجعل مثواها الجنة يارب
عفاري said…
اللهم ابدلها ارا خيرا من دارها واهلها خيرا من اهلها
احسن الله عزاكم
وعسى الجنه مثواها
Baby ^_^ Face said…
الله يرحمها وعظم الله اجركم
Baby ^_^ Face said…
الله يرحمها ويغمد روحها الجنه عظم الله اجركم
tosha said…
الله يرحمها برحمته و يدخلها الجنة من غير حساب و لا سابق عذاب
tosha said…
اللهم أدخلها الجنة من غير حساب و لا سابق عذاب

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