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Keep Going "How to Motivate yourself "?

My apology for not updating this place for almost two weeks , recently am so hocked up with my crazy schedule , basically on the top list is my studies , Anyways hope you all are doing great and having fun wherever you are , Sine we are going through examination phase well most of whoI know are , I thought writing about motivation is the best thing to talk about agree?

I really hope that this post will help you So lets get started ...

To motivate yourself is to keep on doing your best to achieve whatever your aiming for , well am not an expert in such field but sharing what worked for me might help you as well :) after all life is about sharing yeah?

1- Set a clear GOAL

  here is one thing we miss most of the time , we do things because we do them !! we don't even have a clue why we're doing such and such !, to me setting a goal is the basic of the road toward success , now regardless of what you want to achieve , A goal should be clear and realistic .

2- Write it down 

to reach out for your goal you need to have a clear plan , A plan is set of points for things you have to do in order to achieve that goal

3- Share it 

Ok!  some of you may not agree with me  - but talking to someone you trust about your goal is helpful how's that , that person will lift you up whenever you feel like your about to give up , and also will help you to set realistic goal since they know who truly you are ,

4- surround your self with positive people 

people with high spirit will always help you to aim for more and more !

5- Imagine 

have you're own time , when you sit with your self imagine yourself achieving that goal , Feeel it litteraly , imagination is good way to attract things you want to achieve ;) trust me


keep your beautiful smile no matter what :) a smile is reflection of gratefulness

a good book is a good tool to keep your self up to the challenge ! I have read this Book Almost Year Ago and OMG you guys have to have it seriously I consider it not only learning how to be positive but  a short manual of Life the Book title is "as you can see " the positive you - written By Anita Papas - basically this book gives you tips on how simple things can make you happy,positive and live your life fully !  I got this Book from Abu Dhabi Book Fair Last year - you may contact the publisher "Turning Point " to get your copy

CLICK HERE "Turning Point Publisher 

Hope you guys liked this post - and Good Luck with your goals :)

Till then , keep your happy thoughts coming


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Tota said…
Love you girl.. And love your posts ^^
Your magical words always come at the right time XOXO

Keep it up ;)

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