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Share. Learn. Inspire Featured Guest Jeff Mueller

So here I'm Back my lovely readers with new post of the seriesI started last year "Share. Learn. Inspire" this time featured guest is Actually a close friend of Mine " Jeff Mueller" we actually knew each other through Twitter , and let me tell you this am actually blessed to know inspiring , creative , full of life man :)

So this is Interview is unique one since it has been recorded on the video how cool and exciting is that ^^

Enjoy Watching and  Don't forget to leave you comments

To know more about Jeff please visit his website      CLICK HERE 

You May also Connect with Jeff through Twitter  @ComputerArtMan

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m0_ozan said…
oh girl you did it again, the interview was so inspiring. He's really passionate about what he does, you can see that throughout the interview.

I love when he said that whatever you pick, love to do it and then do it and share. I mean most of us in here have lots of talents and we love to do them but we're not brave enough to share them; we hide them from each other because we are afraid to be criticized or misunderstood.

i also believe the combination of two different fields like technology and science, art, health or whatever you pick will allow you to be more creative and innovated. Thats why whatever field you picked first is the result of your parents or society influence but the second one is 100% you.

i also love when he said when being asked what he would say to his younger self that he would probably leave him alone, I would pretty much do the same.

you're a badass girl who's not afraid to ask the toughest questions so I hope in the future you do the interviews yourself because i believe you can do it and i can honestly picture you on the national TV one day doing what you always love to do.

Thanks Mz Anoofah

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