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its All About Perfumes

Hey there My beautiful readers am back again with quick and fun review about "perfumes " Lately I have struggled with my choices for perfume and every time I go for one it turns to be "Not reflecting my personality "at all - Anyways the latest picks were awesome so thought of sharing my reviews with you

So lets Get started :)

This new edition from Gucci which I got from Paris Gallery was with good deal since they do have this little show area at Dubai festival City  @DFCDubai  me and brother thought of passing by and see whats new so I tried this edition and truly loved it - very light scent which you can defiantly use it day\night time - and along with perfume i have got little perfume case which you can put your sweet Gucci in and protect it from getting cracked in your handbag 

Another Beautiful Choice was Boss Orange Edition - it doesn't has orange scent so relax but the scent is perfect for the Spring\Summer season 

now I know some of you who knew me , am not really a huge fan of Arabic kind of perfumes but I thought I would give it a shot this time , so went to Abdul Sama Al Quraishi local store and asked the lady there to give me the best sellers perfumes that they do have and guess what i was amazingly shocked that they do have good stuff there 

Musk oh la la :) lovely scent ! perfect for nighttime if you want to fall asleep after long day 

Safari - to me this is perfect if you are planning to use it with bakhoor  

Finally great choice from Ajmal - its a whole set of perfumes and bukhoor that was initially released during mothers day celebration - well I have to be honest with you guys this was a gif that my mom got but since am her sweet spoiled little girl thought of sharing it with her ˆˆ
 Sweeet Me huh - anyhow the whole set is amazing perfect for your own use OR if you are planing to give it as a gift - its a pure traditional kind of scent 

I know this is a very light and quick review about perfumes please let me know if you would like me to make another post abut spicific perfumes for your special events in the comment box

and until then remember to keep your happy thoughts coming :)

Love you



psyence_fiktion said…
I have never really owned an arabic perfume .. I got it as a present once but it was too strong for me, so I gave it to my dad.

The last few perfumes I got which I liked:
1. D&G - the one and only gentleman
2. CK - in2u
3. Encre Noire - Lalique ..
4. Ermenegildo Zegna - Zegna Forte

I like arabic perfumes !
My most love perfume is :
Bvlgari - jasmin noir ♥♥
You have to try it 😉

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