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Success Has nothing to do with Luck ….

So now we are all back to work\study life after kind of long vacation “hope everyone enjoyed theirs  “ it is time to start fresh and have the passionate for success , so am going to share some tips which might help you guys whether you are at work or school.

#I have the Will to start Fresh : it is very important to let go of what happened before learn from your past and move on PERIOD !

#Have you own working space : make sure you have your space where you get your work done , it should be quiet  , and most important thing  is well organized  

# Encourage your self: you may get large board where you can post your favorite inspiring quotes or else you can download some of those Apps which has such quotes , Am sure that Apple Store are full of those lovely Apps , Seriously Words are so powerful

# Say No when it’s Time for work: its Ok to say No to friends sometimes

#Take A Break: it is really important to take a break for like 15 min’s and do something totally different than what your working on or what your studying , go out for a walk and get some fresh air

#Get your self a healthy routine : Sleep/wakeup everyday on the same time , have your work done on the same time , fun time , exercise time ..etc  This will prepare your mind for being organized and it will help you as well to have a better day trust me on that J

#Stay Healthy : very important tip !! Healthy Mind in Healthy Body , Healthy Body has a Healthy mind :D

#Organize : everything around you your Room , your notebooks , your to do list , simply everything , Organizing  always helps you to think clearly and get things done more quickly

So those tips are for now , if you want more and need tips in some other topics let me know J

Love you


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lepar don said…
Thank you for amazing tips its easy to do
Overall Organization is useful to study / work, and the rest of your time

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