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My review on ( Kora Organics )

Hello My beautiful Readers 

so it has been more than two months since I have been using Kora Skin care products and I guess I can finally Give my Honest review on what I have got , So lets get started :) 

I have ordered the below products from the official site 

I have received my order after almost   two weeks from the date I have ordered and it came with Cool packaging so you feel you have received special gift for yourself "How Cool is That " - I have posted few pictures though on my Instagram once I got my Goodies - You know me Cant Miss a moment with capturing pictures "I guess My Bro Cant Agree More ":P 

First product I want to talk about is this Clay Purryfying Mask - it is used to clean up your pores and make sure that you have clear and clean skin - to me I sort of liked it after my third use - All you need is thin layer of the mask and you will be just fine - if you used it once in a week I guess one bottle is enough for 3 months :)

Ahhh the Cleanser - OH MY !! what to say about it what an amazing cleanser - it leaves your Skin so Clean and Fresh - I used to clean up my skin once am back from work so you know the amount of makeup and dust on my face - once I finish washing my face I feel that my skin would speak up and say THANK YOU - I truly Recommended ladies ! 

this Exfoliating cream is not only for face but for body too - it removes your dead skin and leaves your skin clean and hydrated it does not dries your skin at all and that what I like about it the most

You know when you have long day of walking here and there -  and all you need is someone to give your feet massage well ladies this foot balm does it all-  it cools up your  feet and you will just fall asleep peacefully

Finally this Face Mist is multi use - you can use it to refresh your face in the morning - or to setup your makeup -and even prepare your skin for makeup -  the smell of the mist is so good and you truly feel that your doing so good to your skin by using it 

The Products Price is a bit pricy  but ladies I recommend them - the only thing which am not really happy about is the cleanser bottle size it finishes less than a month  :( I wish if they Could produce larger bottle with less price :P we deserve some treats yeah 

Okay Ladies hope you guys enjoyed this quick review if you happened to use them or you have any questions please let me know .. and yeah happy holidays  :)

Love you


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latifa Al Kaabi said…
هلا نوف

شكل المنتجات حلووووة ،، يبالي اجربهن ،،

اشكرج ع البوست المفيد

يعطيج العافيه و ف انتظار يديدج

ام حامد
Latoofii : good to hear from you Yaah go for them :D

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