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I Lost a Friend ….

I know this post might be awkward to you - and you guys have not expected me writing about such topic but I had to let is out

it all started with a tweet which am not going to say who was the owner nor what was in it but all I can say it was about Islam  which is something you would commonly see these days right after the attacks which has happened last Wed .

Like any other HUMAN  being I wrote my opinion and then tons of accusations  and questions from one of  my followers  who is apparently none muslim  .. to me this is kind of questions are expected and understandable cause what happened was such horrible thing !! and thats one fact we all agree !!

when I started answering some of his questions it was not based on what I saw on news cause am not type of person who watches news on daily bases I was answering them based on common sense ! based on what I truly know about my Religion - did that made me a person who is neglecting that facts ?  Although I mentioned that I did not watched news and again he accused me that am trying to hide facts by not watching news !!!!

the debate kept on going on and at the end I apologized if I hurt  him in someway by telling him my opinion and then he was like you hurted your name your defending them and he kept going on - and am like My God what did I say !! I went over my tweets and have not seen a single thing which might show that am defending the attacks or whatsoever …

Later I told him I stated my opinion in certain way not defending what those people did - cause literally I did not say that and if he understood it in his own way and judge me based on that ; with all my respect that is own problem

now thinking about what happened was I actually in position to state my opinion ?? or Do I have the right to do so ? -

do those on social media actually have the right to judge Muslims based on what happened and forgetting the fact that regardless of religion there are good people and bad people and that is something that we can't lose sight of - now those who kept counting  number of attacks that muslims did we as muslims  can bring also number of attacks that non muslim people did too !! but why we keep fighting over who is bad and who is good we know how much media actually fabricate facts and we all know now with era of internet anyone can start blog and state things "to be called facts "which are not true about Islam or any other religion do we have to believe them ?? if a famous writer brought figures and information and put them on website do we have to believe whatever is written , we live in world that it is hard to find the truth ! the ultimate truth

if we never had war or attacks or terrorism we would never reach to that stage and who know maybe  that person would been a good friend of mine and we both could discuss about other valuable topics .. science , education , history we might share knowledge about our religions …

lets not fight all we want is peace !! instead of of accusing  and fighting why don't we try to promote peace - a killer is called a killer regardless of his religion and we are all against killing innocent  people and we are all against  fighting and terrorism

My prayers goes to those who lost their beloved ones ...


Aysha Alameri said…
I hate and the truth that such people are using the religion as a tool to implement their awful terrorist goals! I believe that God created religion in the service of humanity, and has not created human beings to serve religion :).
latifa Al Kaabi said…
People who did those bad thigs covering themselves under Islam are hurting Islams world and muslims.
They understood the islam in a wrong way, our Islam came to publish the peace and guide people to the right way.

Every thing in this life have two sides, bad and good. Like in every religion there are people who follow their religion right and others who followed it in a wrong way! Thats affects the religion and people who follows this religion.

We as muslims understand other religions and respect them! So others should understand our religion and respect it! If any one come and debate with me and keep accused Islam and muslims for what happened in Paris or in any other countries! I will stop them! they do not have the rights to accused me and Islam I will keep fighting omy religion from those who distorts Islam. If one or a group is bad thats not mean that all other people are bad as them!

Do not worry about losting such a friend! A true friend is one who respect you and your religion and understand the right and wrong of each issue happened.

Latifa AlKaabi
Dear Aysha Alameri Loved this "God created religion in the service of humanity, and has not created human beings to serve religion "Well said

Latifa AlKaabi : I truly Understand that - what I did was only commenting ! and he took it from there ! honestly it is such a shame to waste time defining ur part of view to someone who does not respect them !

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