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I need You ..

This post is dedicated to my Friend Aisha

First Line : You Are my Source of Energy

It hard to think of any word when you think about someone who you always look up to , someone you truly love !

In between : With craziness of our life routine I admit that I may not be as good friend as am supposed to be in terms of calling my friends or check on them. For sometime I felt that My friend Aisha disappeared for a while and once I tried whatsApping her I was totally shocked to know the news …

Aisha is a lady who is literally has it all, whenever you are down or frustrated Aisha is the first person you will think about , no matter how hard things can be she can manage to keep it together . She never forgets to stay in touch with her friends  no matter how busy her life can be . knowing that she is a mom a wife to diplomatic so you guys can imagine how busy and crazy her life can be .
I knew Aisha  back in college I always loved her sweet babiesh smile full of positivity, we actually got more closer after the graduation and we both felt it was such a shame that we did not hang out together before or even did not knew how cool it would be if we were close friends during college.

Years passed by our friendship grew even more ! and my admiration for her personality grew even more !

Aisha was diagnosed with lupus since she was a kid and she never complain about it, until that day !

I know its hard to be totally in pain emotionally and physically, and live a life that you or anyone would never expected , I know that no one else will ever endure the pain that you are going through and no one will ever understand it …

We all love you and we will always pray for the day when you are back to real you, this phase doesn’t only hurt you as much as it hurts us too !!
 To us you are the sister that every girl needs , a mother every child deserves and a role model that every human being needs

We need you !! Please get well soon

Last Line : with full confidence I know this phase will be just a past and you will be back as we always knew you

Love you


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Emily Shea said…
❤️Aisha can feel all the love you are collecting for her❤️

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