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Coming Of Age

Another interesting Q&A which again I got it from O Magazine , I love answering such questions cause as my friend hamda once said “ you get to know yourself “ , hope you guys will enjoy reading my answers
and will be waiting for your answers on my Comment Box 

#My best advice to my younger self :
Relax and just be yourself

#The best part of getting older is :
Being wise ; the older you get the more experienced you've become .

#I'm most looking forward to :
Being inspiration to others

#I'd most like to learn how to :

#My earliest happy memory is :
During Ramdan before Eftar Time I was around 6 ; dad took me to the park and I've played next to that huge fountain, it was  an amazing feeling when I close my eyes and felt drops of water on my face.

as I mentioned in my Prev post will share with a capture from my BBM ^^


Hamda said…
Nice post, here are my answers:

#My best advice to my younger self:
Don't sweat the little things, life goes on.

#The best part of getting older is :
Knowing life better  

#I'm most looking forward to :
Getting a new job 

#I'd most like to learn how to :
Be patient  

#My earliest happy memory is :
I always get excited when I go shopping with mom
for school, so as far as I can remember my earliest
happy moment was in a bookshop.
Anonymous said…
Hello my Noufy

I like ur blog and ur posts

Every word you wrote is u .. I can feel that from ur posts, its u and its ur lovely personality..

My answers:

#My best advice to my younger self:
Keep away from negative people

#The best part of getting older is :
Knowing life and people better that before  

#I'm most looking forward to :
Start my own business 

#I'd most like to learn how to :

#My earliest happy memory is :
When my grandfather (peace upon him) took me and my uncle to the "Dekan" to buy ice-cream and chocolate bars, that was from my happiest memory..


Ur posts are amazing .. Keep it up

With my love,
Latifa - Um Mahary
Anonymous said…
Hi Anoofah
I just want to let you know that your posts are amazing and I enjoy reading them, keep on doing this and never stop. I also love your pics :)

Now I will answer your questions

#My best advice to my younger self :
Enjoy my life as much as I can

#The best part of getting older is :
Learning to be responsible and to know how to deal with life and people around me

#I'm most looking forward to :
Hmmmm getting married and studying my master

#I'd most like to learn how to :
Driving a car

#My earliest happy memory is :
When my grandfather used to take me every Friday to the farm because we had a swimming pool there and he taught me how to swim. Missing these days

Wish you all the best

Anoofa said…
ladies ! thanks a lot for your lovely comments and answers ... without having you in my life ... my writings\pictures will be awful :)

I appreciate your endless support


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