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PM: OFF To Thai

Have you ever been there? If so I really hope you do have a better opinion than what I have got about Thai

Ok I thought it would be really boring to have this post as a long story kinda thing so I’ve made it as Q&A like >>> trying to be creative =P
So Enjoy J

#Where to
Thai – Bangkok

#How long have you stayed there ?
Almost a week and it has been like a whole year

#Have you tried their food by any chance ?
No , no no no ask my sis how sick I get when I smell their food ><”

#Tell us about Thai ppl ?
Well again as a “reminder” this my opinion … its so F***ing hard to communicate with them and what really piss me off when they repeat the last word your saying am like is that my echo or what o,0
But what I really admire about them is how hard working they are!!

#what about karak?
Don’t even ask it was a real disaster! Ask dad how moody I was! but you know what the funny part is I’ve find out day before leaving Thai a small restaurant which was meant for making  a real karak I was about to cry

#How was the Weather ?
Hot and  Cloudy most of the time … but I LOVED heavy rains

#Best part of your trip
Floating market , Riding an elephant  and of course being with my family

No matter what time of the year it is I’d rather stay at home and have krk  

At the end of each Post I will share with you random funny conv  from my BBM


Hamda said…
Never been there but it is always a good experiance to visit new places.
Loved the photos

Keep posting!
Bill Grunau said…
Sounds like Thailand was a great experience. You should have tried the food! I like some Thai food and some of it I am with you, just can't do it. I have only had Americanized Thai food and I suspect that is different that the food in Thailand. I hope to go there someday to experience it myself!
Bill Grunau said…
Sounds like it was a great experience. I hope to go there someday myself. Too bad you didn't try the food. I like most of the Thai food here in the US, but I am sure it is Americanized and different than what was there. Very cool trip and a nice post.
tosha said…
It is nice to have experience in places that ain't perfect in ur opinion coz u would absolutly learn a lesson
Anoofa said…
Hamda yes indeed :) thanks a lot for passing by my Blog

Bill : can you imagine that i didn't even dared to have Mac chicken there ! felt it was so Thailish :P

Tosha : ture :)


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