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I have met my friends

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Its almost 3:00 AM and am still awake wanting to write this post , and yeah while listening to Bruno Mars – Count on me , Thanks to Queen Besh for reminding me

Okay I know the title of this post isn’t something new to you , you guys all meet your friends from time to another , I know I that my busy schedule took me away from my friends , we still do call , txt or even tweet each other , meeting friend  in real like not the social media thing is something which I call it joy raiser , believe it or not yesterday was one of the best days I have  had , the whole thing “ friends gathering “ was completely perfect , close friends , amazing weather , and of course delicious food , the laughter the talk  took me away from this craziness busy world to somewhere else .. and allow to call it heaven

My friends whom I met are actually my classmates and my groupmates at school , we met maybe year ago but my goodness it seems that we knew each others for decades , they are four incredible ladies let me tell you more about em ,

Ohoud : I so wana call her mom LOL ! she is the most caring friend I have ever seen , when it comes to work she is the one who will handle the whole thing and will take the lead , we all trust her since we always screw it up if we tried to help in something , I love taking her advices last time I called her  to ask what if a guy who got only high school cert propose to girl with college degree LOL you guys shd have listened to her comments LoL !! 

Aisha Saeed : I don’t know why but I LOVE teasing her all the time , and what I really like about her the most is when she feels kind of sleepy\tired I swear to you guys she start telling stuff that has nothing to do with anything , love her pure heart

Aisha Al Ameri : my soul mate lol , we both have the exact same ideas and thoughts , we both so wana live in NY and do crazy stuff , don’t ask what are they we just wont tell ya lol , I remember once calling her after having bad day at work and I literally cried like babies .. I know it took her a lot to understand what was I saying while I was crying but yeah she took that sadness from me amazingly

Afarii : oh my love what to say to you , she is hilarious , like when she tells us stuff she used to do when she was teenager we all burst out laughing  , it took us a whole hour actually to stop laughing , when she is around I know that things will be just fine ; she brings such a positive energy to any place she walks in , I remember calling her when I get job offer if I should accept it or not . because of encouragement that I got from her I accepted it and I know it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made 

Friends bring joy \ happiness to your life , value them , make space from them in your schedule , trust me your whole life will change

Okay now that I have told you about my friends gathering share with me when was the last time you had it , what did you do and if you wana mention about you friends go ahead J

For those who are asking “ cant you write this whole post early morning ?” I would say well that what is called “Passionate in writing “ :p

Talk to you soon


Ohoud said…
It was a great time , happt times goes so fast, actully I didn't wanna go back home :p.
Hhhh I like wat u write about me :D yeeh I'm ur super mom guys hhhh

But its ma turn to tell them about u :p
Anoofh: is the most incridble person , she is our IT support, we count on her in anything related to computers. She cares about u , she has a very big white heart, on other hand she is has very crazy ideas and likes to live in the dream world :p
Anonymous said…
اهني عهود والعواشتين وعفاري فيج..واتمنالج التوفيق حبيبتي♡♥♡
Dxvicks said…
Yeah i agree about what u said in this post. The life is nothing without friends :)
3fary said…
Beautiful life in the presence of wonderful friends like you, my friends how much I'm proud of your presence around me and how much happier to see you all at every gather with you.

#Nouf no words describe you my dear friend and how I talk about you, I feel that I'm talking about style, sophistication, simplicity, love and quite.

Total of nice and beauty things is you anoofa the beauty of the soul and morality I hope that we stay friends forever.

Avery beautiful word that you write it about me it is absolutely in you and it is for you because all friends are similar in any describe.
Usman said…
1st of all its good 2 know about ur friends,2ndly its good to know that u have good friends :) i believe that the real selfless friends 2 some extent r those of ur childhood, when u grow up, u hardly find any selfless & true friend. & we must also realize that there r 2 things,people who r ur friends & people to whom u r a friend :) keep smiling & sharing :)
MunaHarib said…
Human connections in all sorts are so important in one's life. I find the process of turning complete strangers to friends a fascinating one. Your excitement and passion about your friends is beautiful. So thank you for sharing your positive energy with us.

Love, peace & Light

Muna Harib
MunaHarib said…
Human connections in all sorts are so important in one's life. I find the process of turning complete strangers to friends a fascinating one. Your excitement and passion about your friends is beautiful. So thank you for sharing your positive energy with us.

Love, peace & Light

Muna Harib
MunaHarib said…
Human connections in all sorts are so important in one's life. I find the process of turning complete strangers to friends a fascinating one. Your excitement and passion about your friends is beautiful. So thank you for sharing your positive energy with us.

Love, peace & Light

Muna Harib
Luved this post ... For me I've my lifetime squad ... We are 7 guys ... We are together for 21 years now ... We are together since kinder garden ... People kept saying to us you will get seperated everytime ... After secondary school they told us you won't be freiends the same in the high school ... In the. High school they told you won't be friends the same in the university ... After university they told us graduation is a life turning point where you work & maybe get married etc ... But till today we gather every single weekend and no ones saying changed us ... Yes life could change at any point ... BUT we have never changed ... Lifetime Friends who will accept you the way you are forever, whenever & wherever
Abdulla said…

There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will. true friendship is a grace that must be preserved !

may god perpetuate love, caress, and affinity among you and your friends.

proud of you and honored to know you :)

Anoofa said…
**Ohoud : Awww sweetie thats very nice of you <3

**@lady_rak and am lucky to get to know you <3

**Dxvicks : True :D thx sweetie

**3fary : We are blessed to know you 3afary get well soon dear

** Usman V.true :) thanks

** Muna Harib Seing your comment made a big smile love , thanks for passing by and i will enshalla keep sharing my positivity <3

** Mohamed Al Shateri : How cute :")

**Abdulla honored to get to know dedicated \ open minded person like you :)

Thank you all for your lovely comments keep em coming <3
m0_ozan said…
What a great post, love it. I usually call my friend my buddies and you're my inspiring buddy I know I said this a thousad time but I'm so grateful for having a friend like you, you're so special. Can't resist saying I got quite jealous with those ladies. Wish you all the best sweety

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