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A message to Her ....

When you will read this post you'll probably know that this message is actually for you

If you haven't got what you ever wanted , it's not because of me :) check your intention , stop being jealous and sick , I do feel sorry for you though  cause you  have been an ambitious girl who ran after maybe fake dream !! ( A )graduate with an honor but now looking at you and how  your life is like make me feel wana cry for you :P ok just kidding

Sweetie you might have to review your English reading skills before going a head and say stuff  that according to you !!! You saw on my blog :)

Remember sweetie !! "karma"  When you start talking in sh!t about people !! Others will talk in sh!t about you and your lovely family :)  and I guess you totally understand what I mean " dirty " secrets won't be secrets and that everybody will get to know about them !! Again be careful

I know it kills you from inside seeing me doing things I want and you can't , I guess life is fair , again if you have sick mind what do you expect your life will be , your life is reflection of your thoughts

Am an open book person  I have nothing to hide and if I do so I wouldn't start a public blog and share it with my own family , so stop your dirty games focus on raising your kids

Okay dear Readers I am really sorry for using such language , i know its not my style , haters are always there to show us that we overcome them and to them we are special or else why would they be so jealous ? And talk behind our back

": her jealousy is a rflection of how miserable her life is ! Will keep my prayers for you . Cause people like you are actually killing them self inside

PS  i will keep doing things I like  :)  because of  tremendous support I got from those who believes in Me

Talk to you soon my lovely readers and thank you for showing your love



m0_ozan said…
Scary how far people will go when they're jealous. How crazy and desperate they get to get that person down to their level just to make them feel better about themselves. Like if being better than everyone else is something you look for then do it for God sake!!! Stop jeopardizing others success and worrying about what others do when you have yourself to worry about.

Don't you worry your sweet lovely mind. I know you're much smarter and stronger than you think you are, stay strong and keep shining and remember I got your back whenever there's a fight
Anonymous said…

if i want to have an apple from a tree for sure i will hit the tree which is full of delicious apples no one hit fruitless trees. Beautiful successful smart lady as you shall expect people envy her for what she is and what she has. this persons' feelings float out to surfs and might exceed her limits from wanting what you have to wish what you have you have never had. As a friend i consider you as role model. don't let people change you special awful people, you make the difference.
Usman said…
Putting someone down & bringing yourself up,both requires same amount of energy,so we must put efforts to win,not to defeat others,& haters holds the same importance as critics,necessary evil but a blessing in disguise,without them u can never realize that u r a winner :)

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