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beauty Talk ... products reviews :)

So my beautiful readers am back :) and this time ,  I was Inspired by my beautiful freind 

after asking her about certain beauty products and all , so this post is mainly my own reviews on em , So enjoy ladies :D

(1)  Kaya Toner : one hte BEST Toner I have ever used ! to me its one my Must have product , it cleans your skin leaving is fresh and not dry unline other toner I have used , you can get it from Kaya Skin Clinic  CLICK HERE 

(2) Dermalogica Spray Toner , well I love trying different product and when i came a cross this toner hmmm did not like it much if you have different review about it , its totally fine :) I got it from Radiance 
My all time fav beauty Centre

(3) Okay thats tricky one dont know the english name for that product , i got it from drugstore , what it does it smoothen your skin and exfoliate gently your skin as well

(4) Bocia  face Wash , this product is amazing it does a wonder to your skin m leaving clean from day one that you do try it one you will notice the difference , I hvae ordered it from Bocia official website

(5) Oil Free Mat Lotion again from Dermalogica , if you do have oily skin like mine , this thing helps , once you apply it does control the oiliness of your skin again I got all Dermalogica products from Radiance beauty Centre

(6) Dermalogica Lip Balm , the best part of this product is that it does have SPF which we   need in our amazing sunny weather

(7) Super Cool De buffing eye Balm  : if you have a puffy eyes ever day you wake up and you need instant solution THIS IS the BEST depuffing balm i have used ever , it cools up under eye area amazingly

(8) All Day Matt from Dermalogica , well this should leave your skin totally matt it does its job but for some reason it leaves my skin super dry :\ ?

(9) Intensive eye repair cream from Dermalogica , hydrate your under eye area not that bad

(10) Mavila eyelashes serum , well this thing promise to give you thick long lashes , am blessed to have long lashes though they are not really thick and since am Drama Queen i Adore thick long lashes , so thought of giving it a try , so far what i have noticed is that i did got longer lash but yet not thick or maybe i need to give it more time

Sunscreen from Kaya Another must have , this applicator melt into yuor skin and scent of this cream is so sweet :)

Urban Decay make up spray , this will your make up to last longer , love it , its better than the one i got from clarince , you can get it from Spehora 

Tersemme Hair protection Spray , if you do use hair blow dryer everyday , this is a must product for you 

Cherry blossom Hair mist spray , it gives sweet scent and I LOVE it <3 , I have got it from the Face shop 

Best hair serum , if your hair lack of shining this will give you instant and long lasting shine , again I have got it from the face shop 

this multi use product is a wonder , I have got it from ( bath and body works ) 
I usually use it as Lip balm , and fro cuticle

Another GREAT cuticle solution , these  cuticle oil one from OPI and the other from CND 

Okay ladies if you would like me to write about any certain product go a head and leave me a comment , if you have any different reviews let me know :) 

Talk to you Soon 



Ruby Aktar said…
Awhh it's such an awesome post love it <3
Thank you for this post, I loved it and i am going to order some of these products :)

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