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Do what you Gotta Do

Do what you Gotta Do

I know that I have told you that I got a new position at work , moving into new department and all right ? Guess what  another change is about to happen ! Yes am resigning from my job which I haven’t actually started yet LOL ! I know to you it might look awkward you will go like “ come on Anoofah you love Marketing and its on your wish List !! “ let me tell you what happened exactly I got TWO new job offers how crazy huh ?? so I had to make a choice ASAP.. and trust me it was one of the hardest decision that  I have to make !
So yeah this week will be my last week at AAWC , I truly loved this place from the bottom of my heart , being there was one of the best choice I have ever made ,  that place added so much into my life , through the ups and downs which of course part of everybody’s life! Meeting lots of lovely people, weirdo as well :P
The whole experience was just “ LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE“
I will miss the time I have spend there and I will miss those who made feel am special !
Thank you for every single thing you have given to me , and am sorry for every time I have disappointed you

Hmm it will be great though to see comment from Tim on my blog :”)

*Okay so here is the thing , till I settle down with my new job and get my to-do –list done I wont be  blogging,  but that doesn’t mean I wont be looking at your comments cuz your thoughts , notes , suggestions ad comments are really important to me ! so keep on posting them
* Check out my wish – list , and friends links if you want me to post your link as friend link please don’t hesitate asking me J

Till then Take care , love you all


Anonymous said…
Mabro0o0ok and good luck

Anoofa said…

thank you love for being by my side always <3
Anonymous said…
before i was thinking that u will never get out from AAWC as you fought alot to get the job, but you never know really, so i think it's time for you to get another job, i hope it's not IT coz u aren't IT girl at all LooooL

Good luck 7bebtee in your new job..

Um Hamoody
Anoofa said…
Thank you So much Um Hamoody

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