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Lets Keep Going !

Lets Keep Going !

Man I have missed this place so much ! I hope you missed me too onliners :P

Okay I know I know I haven’t update since I don’t know  but remember in my last  post I have mentioned that I wont be having enough time to update so now that am back I need to let you all know what was going on and all !

Hmm where to start from okay ! as you may know I have left work for good it was tough decision but turn out to be just fine in fact am enjoying staying at home and focusing on my studies , I even gain some weight ! is that a good sign ?

Life been so amazing lately I really admit that I have been through little bit of struggling especially with my prev work ppl without mentioning any names but seriously those people doesn’t really know what should they do ! I mean for God sake someone should teach our HR people their basic tasks LOL !

Anyways speaking of my prev work ! I really do miss my lovely gorgeous friends , and I really appreciate this amazing gift that Allah has given it to me which is knowing\having such adorable friends like them … before leaving work they have been made little cutty surprise check out the pictures below

Thank you so much for your gifts , smiles , prayers , your lovely\supporting words 

Now lets move to another topic which is my October products review I know I haven’t been doing any reviews for any products but for the sake of change why not huh ?
I got those little cute blushes from The face shop and I really loved em , I love the cute packages that comes which each products at the face shop store and the staff there are really cute Too ! 

This little stick perfume is just adorable , you can carry it with you anywhere you go and whenever you feel like wanting to feel refreshed just apply it on your wrist and WOW , I recommend that you get the purple one 

Another must have , Bobbi brown liquid eyeliner , this applicator is just lovely , you can easily apply eyeliner , the only thing you may not like about is the intensity of the colour ! but other than that I love it !

As for what I Currently read am reading “ Another hour on Sunday Morning “ to tell you the truth am not really impressed with the novel and I really don’t know how did  I got it on my bookshelf ! 

The other tiny Book is “Powerful thoughts “ its good to keep reminding yourself with powerful thoughts ! =)

There is this event was held at UAEU Tedex how many of you been there?!? , Ok I was so curious when I saw their tweets am like Okay just go and have fun ! it was one of the BEST decision eva! And  Lucky Me My mentor Dr Hesham was there too to give speech ! too sad I couldn’t stay till the end but I had a chance to meet  smart people Like Ahmed Al fahim , Khalifa Al habtour , Ali Al Nuaimi , and my friend Mouza 

Time to jump to another topic “ FELIX” omg I just LVOE this guy and am really hoping that one day he will be able to come to UAE and am going to see him Queen Beesh your with me right ? :P  I love passionate people who always have the determination to do what they WANT TO DO !!! the whole story of his jump just made me stop for awhile and think what is the thing that felix has and we don’t !! anyways I really appreciate the chance to see him jump and congratulation for making his dream comes true !! his GF is blessed “lucky her”  :P

Before coming to the End I was really attracted to this article by Talib Al Hashimi
CLICK HERE it is an eye opening article please feel free to share it with your friends as well 

So finally I really hope that you guys aren’t upset for not writing a post for little while , will update to you soon  right after Eid till then take care Eid Mubarak and will talk to you soon 

PS : Hessa i know that you are bored now so comment :P and yeah i miss you


toogy said…
Hello baby
Miss u so much and I totally agree with HCT part lol

Wgich u the best n ur life cause u deserve it

witch said…
I missed this place... Did I ever told you I love ur blog?
He said once "pick a good work, if it will not affect your entire life, it will for sure effect your daily mood". Enjoy the break, till the adventure with the new job starts. Relax and enjoy the Ba6alya as much as you can.
Love Bobbi Brown specially their skin care collection.. Amazing.
For Felix, all I want is Peter Pan magic to fly.
Tammy said…
Hi anoofah

I really missed your amazing posts and most of all I miss u my friend

I just want to let you know that you affect my life on a positive way, you gave me the first book to read and now I love to read. I may spend two continuous days just to finish a book. And your decision to leave the stupid job that we have was like a motivation to me to step up and think more about what I want, what I need to do in my life

Thank you my friend, my sister
Love u

Soul_Eater said…
Changing jobs will always be a challenge, but with time it's the normal advancement of any employee. Sometimes it will be smooth transfer but sometimes people will make your life harder just because. Anyway good luck and keep up the good work sis :)
Anoofa said…
Thank you guys for your Lovely comments <3

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