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For a Reason

For a Reason

Everything in life is meant to be there for a reason   simple things that you may not think of are actually there for a reason, and finding the reason is sometimes the beginning of a new adventure
Knowing the reason why that certain thing happened or didn’t happen is  hard and it might take ages .. but eventually a LESSON is  what we get  and what we actually need

Lots of annoying things have had happened to me lately ! I know and I know its just phase but when things happen  one after the other you sort of started wondering  what have I done to deserve all that ? am I good person  ? and lots of question some of them might be a bit silly  though

“Gossip” was the main annoying  situation which I had to face, sick people talk  behind your back saying unpleasant stuff is just “aaaah” unbelievable , and what it makes it worse is when other keep telling you “ she said blah blah about you “
trust me things get worse when others tell you what has been said\done behind your back especially things you don’t want to know about at all!

The very first Question which came to my mind was “ what is it here to teach me “ by the way that’s one of the lesson I got from Oprah ,  and at that time I knew silence is the key to solve things out ! let them talk and say whatever they want , after all it seems that they have totally forgot  that there is something called “ KARMA”

My prayers will be  to be protected by Allah from those who have bad intention and to remain calm and strong in such times

I don’t want it to be a very negative post , so lets move into exciting news
My Mom and my sweetest Bro Nasser are back from  Al Haj and seeing them fine is the BEST gift ever ! Love you xoxo

Okay onliners thank you so much for your lovely comments and thoughts I truly appreciate them
Below is “ what’s on My Nov List “ with reviews Enjoy 

I was told it was one of the best seller Mascara at Sephora but to be honest am not impressed with the result 

If your hair is dry like mine and you want an instant shine to it this is the right product for you 

I Love love this perfume 

Remember My September list yaay !

I got those manicure from my elegant friend Sarah :) Thank you Love 

I know I haven’t post pic’s of my BBM chats so am trying to make it up for you :P 

 PS : Special Thank to my Role Model  Dr Abdualla Al khanbashi


Mouza Al Hassani said…
Hi dear, your post is such an inspiration to me especially in this phase of my life.

Sometime things happen to you at the wrong time and it seem unfair but it only happens to push you to change. I admit it, I'm scared of change but I love the thrill that comes with doing something new. But whatever is my decision I believe everything happen for a reason.

Sometimes ppl act so mean but they are at your life to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson or help figure out who you are or who you become.

Love you dear
Wish you all luck at your life
Khulood Q said…
Thanks for introducing me to you to your blog.. It's interesting and fun!

Karma has played an interesting game with me since the start.. Most importantly it has always showed me at the end what a fair world this is! So yes life is unfair in many ways.. And will remain as such.. But Karma does some magic to show the opposite!

Looking forward to more posts!
Anoofa said…
Mouza Al Hassani Awww my lovely gorgeous friend Miss you more wala </3 yeah i know it takes courage but once you set your mind up to challenge it all should be okay :) beside life journey is about exploring out new options rights ?

Khulood Q : you have no idea how happy I'm to see your comment on my blog :D , and yes thats what makes me feel kinda fine when such ppl are in my life :)

tosha said…
This is the life system full of happiness n sorrows fate brings to us and living as guests of this life is the only truth we are left by..

Nice post as usual
tosha said…
This is the life system full of happiness n sorrows fate brings to us and living as guests of this life is the only truth we are left by..

Nice post as usual

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