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I know this sound like a weird way to start my post but let me share this story with you all , Last Wednesday  I got to know that one of my colleagues is resigning – after 13 years working at this college – she decided to take this step which I would call “courageous step”.  The reason why she decided to take such step is because she wanted as she said to start “ living her OWN life “ Man you have no idea how this simple line changed my whole perspective about work\life thing .

I went back home and her story is stuck in my head !  million of questions were on head

working and working ,  and then what ?
work – home – evening classes .. what for?
what am I passionate about

I truly believe that we all here for a reason , we all are gifted some way , and along life journey I guess we will figure out what are we good at and once we do , aren’t we supposed to dedicate ourselves to do what we actually good at \ what we truly love and passion about

same day when I took my after noon nap I had this dream I was on the train she was telling me “ Nouf , it did not took them so long to get my Luggage “ and train was too fast .. but eventually I arrived safe … Ok readers don’t ask me the message behind this dream cause honestly I don’t know.

Am pretty sure that incident like this is a message to me and others to find our own passionate and enjoy life .

talk to you all soon 



latifa Al Kaabi said…
Some times i feel lost! Like a person who doesn't know what to do! Where i want to be? Is this the life that i want to live? You know why? Because of the stress! But when i set and think about everything in my life and every decision i made! I found that everything heppened is happened for a reason!! But we have to choose what we want carefully, and each one of us should have a goal to work hard for it, a goal that he love it and want it deeply.

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