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and Here I have found you ❤

its been a year and so when I started this Blog , the first post was published  on the 5th of july 2012 , since then I have wrote almost 53 posts , and number of my blog viewers are over 20K , which is something am truly proud of , through this blog I have got to know lots of great minds I would call , who have shared with me their reviews , thoughts , ideas and questions  , this blog actually made me realize that whatever I share here helped me to be more “ME”

And since today is actually my Birthday , I guess its your right people to know who is real Anoofah , cause without you my great readers , I would not keep writing

The Name

My real name is Nouf , the name “Anoofah” I got it from My adorable niece “shamsa”  who kept calling me Anoofah until I created this blog  she changed my name to Anoofii LOL ! you think I should change it again :p  ?

The Girl Behind The Blog

Nouf is just a normal town girl , who lived in Al Ain City ( located in United Arab Emirates ) and that’s where I’m from , I have big family and am so happy about that , am not the eldest nor the youngest am right there stuck in middle somewhere maybe ..

I have got my degree from United Arab Emirates university , majoring in Information security Okay now if you think am computer geek chill !! am not I actually forgot what we have studied LOL ! my prof will kill for sure .
Recently I work  at UAE university and doing my masters in human resource management

I live a very simple life , I always love to be with my family and friends , to me they are source of power – also reading  shopping , fashion , photography are my babies who raise my joy level ,  so I guess you guys know what my hobbies are  :p

One thing that am well known about is my addiction to Tea ‘Karak” you guys have no idea how Tea can change my mood and my whole life I simply cant live without  it so if you want to me happy send me some Karak

The Blog

I know most of you are wondering why did I started this blog , since am social person and my eldest bother Nasser noticed that he always kept on pushing me to start my blog and write about my daily life with pictures of course so for this I give credit to him for believing in me , the blog is actually like my online diary – and sometimes it just to share with you guys anything that can comes to my mind

The news

Some of you who follow me on twitter knows that am about to announce a great news – so here you go ! am about to write my very first Book details and everything will be announced later – I will write also a diary about how the idea of the book came and till the day I finish it - so yeah wish me luck !

You  My readers 

Every single comment that I read on my blog actually make me smile – and it actually empowers me to keep doing my best to inspire you , thank you so much for every single word you have given to me – and every time you share my blog with your friends or even follow my blog – and thank you for going over my posts <3

If you have anything you would like to share with me please don’t forget to leave me a comment – or emails me on

Connect with me

Twitter @Anoofah

Ask me anything that comes to your mind

Don’t forget  to check my other  Blog

Finally this Song is My all time favorite song for now and its dedicated to all of my amazing readers 

PS Ya Allah thank you for every single blessing days you have given me - and today am turning 28 :)

Luv you All 



Anonymous said…
Test 1
Anonymous said…
lovely post
Tota said…
Happy Birthday dear.. Imagine how much luv u hv received in all ur 28 yrs and how much more you will get.. Of course part of it was from me so count me in =P

And can't wait to get ur book.. I'll be waiting for my signed copy ;)

Have a sweet new year filled with more new fullfilled wishes of urs xoxoxo
Orchida said…
Happy birthday lovely :))

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