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Share. Learn. Inspire Featured Guest Robert Loftus

Being a father is a lifelong process, a journey that I myself am pretty new to.”

That’s what attracted me while surfing Ask a Great Dad Blog which was started by Robert Loftus.

Robert is like any other parent who is enjoying fatherhood  , he started his blog  after a birth of his two kids , to Robert being a father is like forming a bond  with children and I guess  all of parents should consider that J , reading his posts is like spending a day with him once you read em you will definitely know what I mean

I’m so honored to have Robert  as my featured Guest so my lovely readers Enjoy reading this short interview
And don’t forget to post your comments

* How would you describe your self in three words 
Honest, dependable, motivated

* tell us the story behind starting Ask a Great Dad Blog ,
My blog is called Ask a Great Dad, I started it because I was forever changed by the birth of my two kids and inspired by the brotherhood that is formed when men become fathers. I wanted to create a forum where dads of all experience levels could exchange ideas, stories and seek advice from each other. When visiting Ask a Great Dad you can expect to find honest and usually hilarious stories from the front lines of fatherhood, we also have occasional contests and recipes posted.

* how did you came up with the title Ask a Great Dad 
I wanted to ask great dads out there for input

* when was the moment you felt like Okay its time to take care of my kids and quit my job ? did you regret that decision ? 

When my former boss threatened to make my life a living hell. I do not regret that decision for one second. 

* do you believe in Luck ? 
I wouldn't say luck, but rather timing.

* Best way to release stress is .......
Take a nice long shower 

* what advice would you give your 13 years old self  ? 
Enjoy being a kid, you have the rest of your life to act like an adult. 

* who is your role model ?
My father

* what motivates you ? 
My children

* BEST time of the day is ....
When my kids cuddle with me

* your all time favorite Song ?....
The Humpty Dance 

* your All time favorite movie 

* how do you usually spend your time with your kids :)
Outside at the park, zoo, or ball game. They keep you busy that is for sure

* anything else you would Love to share with my readers 
I have a great wife that I love very much. She has been supportive through this whole transition period in our lives and I cannot thank her enough.


Rob Loftus said…
Thanks so much for including me in your post. It's an honor to even be considered
Anybody can write a novel. It takes a genius to sell it. Marketing is tough. Please write reviews for books you loved. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Hi anoofah

I loved the summer touch that you added into your blog. The colors and the pictures are amazing..

Nice post , Keep going my lovley friend

Wish you all the best ❤


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