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Seriously! when its going to end

If you think that you are about to read, one of my happy kinnda of posts, am sorry to disappoint you but this post aint for you!

I have been struggling with this since I started my job which lets say for almost A year now!

I even tweeted saying I have no problem getting into jail for killing him, he is not meant to be for this position but who's there to tell

What I hate about him, is that he never shows up on time "which am over it now"!!

Never do what I ask him for! "Which am going to raise it to upper management team "  screw them since they are useless anyway!!

What irritates me the most is that he never ever! Appreciate my work and always plays the game of "why are you doing this?! WTF you did big fat a*s!!!!

And when he is not around doing his own personal work outside office! I'm the one who take decisions " cuz he asks me to... "urgent cases only" and of course I follow the rules and regulations! He comes out of nowhere and goes like! Maybe you should have done this! Your silly dump head! Where are u when I asked for your Highness decision are not you the one who suggest that I should work on this?

And the fun part he always goes like if you are overloaded i'll help you! F**K it okay lier!!
Cause I always end up doing everything at the end!

I seriously cant take this!?!

Am I just being in bad mood or is it something that I seriously should do something about!

Am still happy employee who loves her job but being with this.. him is killing my motivations



Tota said…
I know how that feels.. I used to feel the same towards ma Boss before too.. But now I have to admit that he might be the best Boss ever.. Even if he still has his flows, he still do what he's supposed to do and he's supporting us in the best way he can afford..
Wish u the best dear.. And don't give up.. U might be the reason for him to change, or u might take his place in no time.. Who knows!!! >.^
Miss u & luv u hun
Seriously!!! U have two options either u go to his manager and report ur achievements and his absence. And ask for promotion and be his manager instead. Or u quit the job! Dont bring headache to urself hun, be always happy and greatful for what u r. Ur an amazing person and am sure u can do much better. Best of luck
Anoofa said…
Tota and besho : your words made me realize that no matter how bad situations can be i will always have a shoulder to cry on ! <3 your love mens alot .. guess what i guess i was feeding my brain with negative thoughts

luv u

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