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My Morning Routine :) - beauty talk

hello there my beautiful readers ! 

So today is going to be special post to my sweet freind Latifa al Kaabi whom i promised that i will write my review several  products I've mentioned earlier , anyways lets get to work 

I usually wakeup Early so that i can enough time to get ready for work and to play around you know me :p 

Once I open my eyes I smile " good exercise for your face and beside it gives you positive feelings

and then  I  drink mixture of pure water with Rose water , it give fresh feeling :) lovely gotta try it out ladies

and now move to the face routine 

So first thing is to clean up my skin with my amazing clearasonic Mia2 ladies this tool is a must have , the cleanser which am using in the morning it really gives glowey kind of finish and thats what we are looking for especially in the morning if you wana  read more about this cleanser CLICK HERE

if you have oily skin like myself , then this lotion will help you to control your oiliness throughout the day , I have got this lotion from Radians beauty centre

My all time favorite sunscreen from Kaya beauty clinic 

Okay this Primer is piece of ART Seriously from dermalogica , the texture and coverage everything about this product is amazing 

i dont usually apply foundation , now am so into this CC cream from the face shop  , i apply two shades  , same as my face shade and ligher a bit this gives more light into your look

and final touch from lbasam fattouh  for natural look during the day 

 and since i love to finish my hair quickly , and don't have enough time , i use this dry shampoo which i got from Boots , hmm you may not like the smell but it does pretty good job in giving your hair a bit volume and no oiliness   :) 

Fresh smell is what we are looking for during day time especially in the summer , i recommend those who are more into fruity scents to go for Escada limited edition perfume cherry in the Air

Dont forget the fact that life has so much to offer you 

Hope you guys like my review , have more question post me a comment :)

keep your happy thoughts 


~BreathtakinG~ said…
Loved this blog post :) I'm looking for a good primer,so i'll try the dermalogica one since i trust you and ur choices, thats why im all into the CC cream from the face shop
alhaala style said…
ياخي انتي عسل خلج دوم جيه تفتحين النفس قسم... احبش ههه
alhaala style said…
ياخي انتي عسل خلج دوم جيه تفتحين النفس قسم... احبش ههه

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