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How to be more confident

Before we Start with this Post let me tell you something – to gain any skill or habit – you need to have faith and patient – Faith that you are able to get there ! – and patient  to keep on trying no matter what .

So after Reading different articles and chapters from different books I thought of writing down those points to make it easier for you

 * Its all about you no one else but you : You have the Power to set your whole life , where you want to be , and who you want to be
,  you have the power to be YOU!! make sure to always have the perfect picture about yourself cause everyone deserves that ;)

*You are super hero : yes you are!! Get yourself a fancy notebook heheh just kidding any notebook will do the job , now  imagine yourself that you do have self confidence – and ask yourself what things can you do if you are a person who is fully confident – and then  write down everything I mean Every single detail of anything you want to achieve since your are person who is fully confident – be generous with your imagination deal?
How can this step help – imagining anything in life actually prepares you to receive it in real life “ Law of attraction “  - writing down the who scenario actually helps your brain to accept the fact that you do have the thing or a habit that you are looking forward having it .

words are powerful make sure you feed your brain with great words

*Set goals : short and long goals achieving any goals makes you feel great yeah ? and it’s a great way to motivate yourself to achieve more , celebrate your achievement ;)

*Accept your limitation : My Friend my very dear friend no one is perfect and that is a fact ! but we as human being try out to build up our lives in away to fill up those weakness – am not saying that it is a shame to have weakness – it is totally normal to have them so accept the fact that we are not perfect and it is totally Okay to have  limitation

*Mistakes are lessons : cant say more ! J

*Write them down : write down things you are good at be generous!! your not showing off your muscles your actually enjoying being you , also write down all  compliments you have heard it from family or friends even the one you heard it from strangers ,this exercise boost your confidence and it  proves how amazing you are!

Say YAAAY to life : life is a stage where we rule our roles – enjoying living your life the way it is , always expect great things J

PS : share your journey in building up your confidence with others

Good example for a positive Affirmation and self acceptance 

 everyday there is a lesson waiting to be learnt 

those books were some of my resources :)

hope you guys liked my post , don't forget to share your thoughts with me in comment box ,Twitter , Instagram or email 

Love you


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Thank you :) Winterglory

Samar's Bench said…
Great article. . May I suggest to search for some confidence phrases or quotes to encourage us, and write it in our fancy note book.. Looool just kidding :)
Thank you for sharing this with us
Samar's Bench I don't mind sweetie :)

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