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Living my dream

When I was a little girl I remember telling my siblings that I have two personalities; the first is Noof as they know and the other one is the American personality and I named her "Suzie" how funny is that XD it has always been my dream to visit USA and experience living there .... Guess what

Today I am at United States pursing my masters at University of Pennsylvania 

No Magic was required to make my dream came true all I needed was to "believe that it will happen in the right time " I know this might sound like ridiculous topic to talk about and what a goal !! to me it is not just to live the western life, it is to know my true self without any instructions, to appreciate everything that I have. Also to learn how to be independent. Most importantly I want to inspire others.

The journey to get here took lots of courage and determination I had to be sure that this is what I really wanted and I have to be clear why do I really want it. For me this has made a huge shift in the way I perceive my goals.

It was not an easy thing to chase at all, I still recall some of my colleagues have put me down saying there won't be any chance for me to go. But I did :) Have faith in your dream, chase it as it will happen eventually nothing is impossible . Surround yourself with positive people who believes in you.

This doesn't tell you that I have achieved everything I wanted! I still have more to go and I know with hard work and faith I will get there !! I am really grateful for my family support although my parents were not so excited about me moving away from them. And I truly appreciate those who believed in me and know that I can achieve what I always aim for

More responsibilities are on its way! and hopefully I will be up to them

Keep your happy thoughts coming 



Jessica said…
Noof, what an inspiring story to wake up to! Thank you so much for sharing. I can’t wait to read future posts!

P.S. UPenn is lucky to have you
Maryam said…
Keep going dear, All the best in each single step in your life
Love that you are living without instructions!!
Dina 🌸 said…
With believing in ourselves, insistence, patience, and trusting in God, thoughts can be facts. Very proud and happy for you Noof ♥️
☆ Anoofah said…
Jessica : I am honored to read your comment on my blog :) and I am lucky to have a friend like you

Rebecca : Thank you :)

Maryam : Thank you so much for your lovely wish

Dina : one day you will share your story keep believing <3

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